Terms & Conditions

All sales and transfers are final, as we are not a retailer there is no warranty or insurance implied or expressed on any item transferred through Trigger Transfers.

Abandon Property: You are more than welcome to have a transfer processed through our business without contacting us prior to shipment. You are responsible for retrieving your item / Firearm / NFA Items, and although our staff will make every effort to contact you, you’ll be responsible for retrieving any item you have sent to the shop. Items / Firearms left over thirty days will incur a $5 a day storage fee, and items left beyond 60 days become property of the shop. NFA items will incur fees $10 a day storage fees thirty days after NFA approval, and 60 days after NFA approval the NFA item is considered abandon and becomes property of the shop.

Communication is key, send us an email if you need time to pick an item up, Upon receipt of your email, we will respond promptly and accordingly and make sure any arrangements you need are made to avoid storage fees.

Denied NICS: If you have a firearm transferred here and you are denied approval to purchase the firearm by F.B.I. NICS, we will hold the firearm 60 days without storage fee’s to allow you time to appeal the F.B.I NICS decision. After 60 days we will contact you to see where your approval process is progressing. If, you are denied a second time you MUST contact the original seller of the firearm to arrange a return, or locate a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer who is willing to purchase the firearm. We will not be able to transfer the firearm to anyone else and the Firearm must be returned to the original seller. If we are unable to reach you 60 days after your initial denial, Trigger Transfers will charge $5 a day storage fees at at 90 days Post denial the Firearm becomes property of Trigger Transfers.